In 1945, children were learning how to build birdhouses, write in cursive and grow other important skills. But sadly, in todayʼs school system children are learning more through technology and less through basic, hands-on experiences.

As well, childcare prices are soaring, waitlists are growing and families that struggle financially are having to turn to unregulated homes or places with low quality care.



Thankfully, in our before and after-school programs, we provide high-quality care for low-quality prices. We focus on teaching skills that go beyond the classroom, and our objective is not only providing children with basic hands-on learning opportunities, but to also support the way in which they learn.


We do this by implementing a variety of innovative and educational learning approaches that support each child’s personal development.


These programs offer low staff to child ratios that allow for more quality instruction and on-on- one time. Your child will have an equal opportunity to learn new skills that are associate with:


Arts and Crafts

Physical Activities

Leadership Development


Literacy Activities


Field Trips

Computers and Technology

Science Exploration




Some children may start their morning routine by crawling out of bed and running downstairs for a nutritious breakfast. But unfortunately, many children in Calgary will attend school without having anything to eat at all.


We Did It! is committed to meeting the needs of children in all areas of care, and because of this we have established the Meal Deals program. This initiative addresses the importance of food as well as a balanced and nutritious diet.


Our kids will begin their day by receiving a hot and healthy breakfast, along with a bagged lunch to take with them to school.



Our organization has recognized that the years of adolescence is the period in a child’s life where they will discover the most about themselves. During this stage, many are pressured into drinking, drugs, vandalism and other forms of crime.


We Did It! is pleased to offer a variety of workshops that will allow older children a chance to develop life skills to further reach their potential. With a focus on leadership development, literacy, cooking and much more, these programs help keep youth off the streets by involving them with productive activities that will build self-esteem and lifelong relationships.


Students will have the opportunity to participate in any of the following programs:


Leadership Program (Ages 6 —12 Youth, 12 —18 Senior )

Leadership is to be of one mind, working together with integrity, compassion and courage, where victory and defeat, in all aspects of life, are shared amongst not only one, but all. With our new Youth Leadership Program, we cover all the essentials of leadership and working together, to build and strengthen leadership, communication and team work skills.

Participants of We Did It! School Age Care Society’s program will learn the skills necessary to become successful leaders in school, the work place and out in their community. The engaging activities and thought-provoking discussions program will provide members with skills and friendships they will carry with them for their entire lives and run once a week, for four consecutive weeks.

Here is a summary of what one can expect from the program:

Week 1- Participants will interact with their new team members by contributing to many ice breaker activities to build comfort amongst other team members.

Week 2- Beginning with a discussion of developing and maintaining spirit throughout our lives, we will also engage in a discussion on the word spirit and its meaning. After the discussion, groups will work together in creating team symbols and identities to build and strengthen team spirit through a variety of engaging activities.

Week 3- Participants will put what they have learned to the test by conquering challenges together to practice excellent communication, teamwork, leadership and by finding creative solutions to a variety of challenges, with limited resources and minor instructions.

Week 4- The final week will focus on accountability, dependability, as well as reliability and how it relates to leadership. Through minor coaching of their peers, participants will also explore these terms and discover what exactly they mean to them and how to enact them in school and within their community.

These four weeks also include an etiquette component, where the discussions and lessons have been designed to address different issues youth and children face as they grow.

Our workshop for children ages eight to eleven, teaches the importance of respect at home, in public and of the environment, as well as conversations on friendship and bullying.

For youth ages twelve to eighteen, we will run workshops focusing on a number of issues teenagers face in everyday life, such as social media use, bullying, job interview preparation and types of employment.

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